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Manny Conditsis on Coronavirus and the Law – 7 News, Sunrise

Watch Manny Conditsis, Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, Senior Trial Advocate and Director at Conditsis Lawyers, share his thoughts on Christian Porter and how the popular opinion surrounding him contrasts with procedural fairness and justice.

Michal Mantaj on new drug orders recently passed by Parliament – Prime News

Watch Michal Mantaj, Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, Senior Trial Advocate and Director at Conditsis Lawyers, provide insight into the new drug orders recently passed by parliament on the NSW North Coast.

Manny Conditsis on Coronavirus and the Law – 7 News, Sunrise

Watch Manny Conditsis, Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, Senior Trial Advocate and Director at Conditsis Lawyers, share his thoughts on how COVID-19 and the law may interact with one another in civil and criminal cases.

Tips For First Home Buyers – Conditsis Lawyers

Watch Linda Abbott, Licensed Conveyancer at Conditsis Lawyers share some tips for first home buyers including the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme.


Manny Conditsis ABC Radio Interview on COVID-19 and effect on Bail

Manny Conditsis discusses COVID 19 and the effect on Bail during an interview with ABC Radio.

Cardinal Pell Court of Appeal Decision

Manny Conditsis discusses the recent Court of Criminal Appeal decision in the Cardinal Pell matter.

Michal Mantaj at The Parliament House feat. Mobile Phone Detection Cameras

Mobile Phone Detection Cameras to start targeting Sydney drivers by the end of the year.

Conditsis Lawyers Director, Mr. Michal Mantaj at the Inquiry Into Road Transport Amendment (Mobile Phone Detection) Bill 2019 said at The Parliament House: “If I’m holding this glass while driving and my picture is taken, the law says, by force of law, this is a mobile phone, unless I can prove otherwise”.

Michal Mantaj Remarks on Phone Detection Cameras – NewsTalk ZB

Michal Mantaj is a Trial Advocate, Accredited Criminal Law Specialist and Director at Conditsis Lawyers.

Mobile phone detection cameras started targeting phone use across NSW on December 1st 2019. The system uses artificial intelligence to automatically review images and detect offending drivers.

“The problem with these cameras is the in NSW is not so much the technology but rather, the law.” – Michal Mantaj

Dean Waters Trial

In 1997, the public’s national attention focused on the firm as a result of a successful verdict given in the highly publicized “Dean Waters Case”. The accused, Dean Waters, was one of three brothers who were all famous boxers in their own right and who were trained by their father, Ces Waters. Together they formed a “family dynasty in boxing”.

Dean Waters was originally charged with murder in 1988 but not committed for trial. He later came forward entirely of his own volition in 1996 to confess his guilt. Notwithstanding his confession, a psychiatric defense was run at trial in the Supreme Court and he was acquitted and walked out a free man!

This case attracted much media interest, including segments on 60 Minutes and A Current Affair.

If you have been accused of a crime, get in touch with our criminal law specialists who fight for the underdog. Manny Conditsis has a better than 90% success rate in jury trials.

Manny Conditsis Remarks on Strip Search Law – ABC RADIO

Manny Conditsis Discusses Strip Search Law with ABC Radio.

7 News – Mobile Phone Detection Cameras

7News featuring Conditsis Lawyers Director, Michal Mantaj – discussing the soon-to-be constructed Mobile Phone Detection Cameras on NSW roads, and implementation of the new legislation to go with them.

ABC Radio National: Lawyer X – Faruk Orman Conviction Quashed – Discussion with Manny Conditsis

Discussion between Patricia Karvelas on ABC Radio National, and Manny Conditsis on the latest event the Lawyer X situation – the quashing of Faruk Orman’s conviction.

ABC TV Interview: Lawyer X and the Royal Commission

Manny Conditsis Discusses the evolving ‘Lawyer X’ situation and the Royal Commission surrounding it. On ABC Evening News with Karina Carvalho and Jeremy Fernandez.

ABC Breakfast Radio: Music Festival Drug Inquest – Discussion with Manny Conditsis

Following recent deaths at music festivals, Manny Conditsis discusses current legislation and possible changes with Meghna Bali of ABC Radio

ABC Breakfast Radio: New Social Media Legislation – Discussion with Manny Conditsis

Listen to an interview between Scott Levi of ABC radio and Manny Conditsis as he discusses proposed new legislation they will affect social media content.

ABC Breakfast Radio: Lawyer X – Discussion with Manny Conditsis

Listen to Manny Conditsis speak with Scott Levi of ABC Breakfast Radio about the Lawyer X situation, back story, and possible consequences that could affect the country and the justice system itself.  

ABC News Radio: Changes to Parole


Manny Conditsis presents the potential significant impacts of changing parole laws with ABC News Radio.

Drugs In Sport: A discussion with the Coast FM Sports Panel


Following a recent ACC (Australian Crime Commission) report on drugs in sport, Manny Conditsis joins the Coast FM Sports Panel to discuss wide-ranging questions around drugs in sport the impact they could have on players, sports scientists and clubs on a local, national and international level.

Citizen’s Arrest and the Right to Self-Defence

The Law of Citizen’s Arrest and the Right to Self-Defence in Australia

2GO: Self-defense within the Home – Discussion with Manny Conditsis

Manny Conditsis discuses the truth behind self-defense legislation.

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