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New Code of Conduct for the short-term Rental Accommodation Industry

The prevalence of online booking platforms has seen a significant increase in short-term rental accommodation. Booking platforms have made it very easy for letting agents and hosts to advertise and ...
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Do you have teenage children? You need to read this!

Did you know that it is a criminal offence to have consensual sex or any form of consensual sexual touching when one or both are under the age of 16 ...
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Don’t get sued for Christmas

As the relaxing of social distancing restrictions are coinciding with many workplaces holding their Christmas parties, it is timely to remind employers about their legal obligations to staff, to provide ...
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Tips, tricks and pitfalls for Local Court Practitioners

It is trite to observe that the Local Court of NSW is, by far, the busiest criminal jurisdiction of all NSW Courts. According to the Bureau of Statistic, in 2018 ...
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Hung Juries in Sexual Assault Trials

What does a hung Jury mean? In Australia, for an accused to either be found guilty or not guilty of a crime in a jury trial, the starting point is ...
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New domestic violence laws bad news for unrepresented defendants

A new law recently passed by the NSW parliament is going to make it even more difficult for defendants who cannot afford a lawyer to defend themselves. The law is ...
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