Wild Gang Brawl Leads to Killing

Senior Trial Advocate: Manny Conditsis

Solicitor Assisting: Natasha Konic

A man was charged with the malicious wounding of another man causing him grievous bodily harm. If the man had been convicted he would have gone to jail for a long time. The man was found on the victim’s property, in the early hours of the morning with a balaclava and dark clothes in suspicious circumstances.

Like with most matters, there was “more than met the eye” and slowly but surely, Manny was able to unravel a set of circumstances that adequately explained what would otherwise have been suspicious circumstances.

At the first Judge and Jury trial in Sydney, the Jury was “hung” meaning the Jury culd not unanimously agree on the verdict.

At the second trial, based on the same evidence, the Jury were persuaded by Manny’s submissions and our client was found not guilty and was acquitted.

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