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Christian Porter | Populist Opinion v Procedural Fairness & Justice

  Popular Opinion Where there is smoke there is fire [2020 Four Corners Program as to recent and historical inappropriate behaviour of Christian Porter] as well as the more recent ...
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Criminalisation of coercive control

This is a hot topic at present and rightly so. There needs to be and should be significant community discussion and education to do the subject justice. Is coercive control ...
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No Jab, No Job?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison last month declared that the states have agreed it would not be unlawful to work in aged care without being vaccinated stating that “they’re not recommending ...
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Who gets the right of representation in a deceased estate when the executor dies?

Sometimes after a grant of probate has issued to the executor of a deceased estate but before the assets of the estate have been administered, the executor(s) appointed by the ...
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The position of adopted children in deceased estates

An adopted child has the same rights in relation to the adoptive parent(s) as a natural child born to those adoptive parents. If an adoption order is made, then pursuant ...
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New Code of Conduct for the short-term Rental Accommodation Industry

The prevalence of online booking platforms has seen a significant increase in short-term rental accommodation. Booking platforms have made it very easy for letting agents and hosts to advertise and ...
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