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Landlords can’t claw back fit-out contributions from defaulting tenants

A recent decision in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has cemented the position in Victoria and Queensland that landlords can’t claw back fit out contributions from tenants that ...
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Which law applies?

When there is a dispute between which country’s inheritance law should apply, one must distinguish between movable and immovable property. Movables include chattels not attached to land and choses in ...
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What is an employer’s obligation to support employees who suffer a mental illness?

In the Federal Court decision of Tropoulos v Journey Lawyers Pty Ltd [2019][1], the Court considered the obligations of an employer to an employee who suffered a mental illness. Mr ...
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When does trust property vest in a bankrupt’s trustee?

Discretionary family trusts are common asset protection structures. Generally, when a debtor becomes bankrupt, the property of a bankrupt vests forthwith in the bankrupt’s trustee: section 58(1) of the Bankruptcy ...
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Stop Bullying Order

Bullied at work? If you believe you have been bullied at work, one option available to you is to apply to the Fair Work Commission for a “stop bullying” order. ...
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