Gosford Criminal Advocate Receives Top Pro Bono Award

Senior Trial Advocate: Manny Conditsis

Then President of the Law Society of NSW, Justin Dowd, congratulated Manny Conditsis as the recipient of the Law Society President’s Award which was announced as part of the 2012 Justice Awards.

The Law Society President’s Award is presented to an individual solicitor for pro bono work undertaken through the Law Society Pro Bono Scheme, which was set up in 1992.

President of the Law Society of NSW, Justin Dowd presented the award to Mr Conditsis at the 2012 Justice Awards dinner at NSW Parliament House.

“Access to justice is a basic right that is something that not everyone in our community is afforded, particularly those who are marginalised or disadvantaged and without resources” Mr Dowd said.

“With more than [then] 27 years’ experience in criminal law, Manny is widely recognised as one of the most experienced trial advocates in NSW. Through his pro bono work, Manny has provided outstanding support to the Gosford community over many years particularly in the areas of criminal law and child care and protection,” he said.

The Law Society Pro Bono Scheme facilitates access to justice for disadvantaged people by accepting and processing applications which are referred on to solicitors willing to take on pro bono cases. The Justice Awards honour the work of individuals and organisations who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and have a significant impact on improving access to justice, particularly for socially and economically disadvantaged people.

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