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Consensual Sex Between Minors – A Criminal Offence?

What a lot of parents don’t realise, particularly parents with teenage children, is the concern where two young people, and I mean under the age of 16 years… they might…

How Does Bail Work?

The topic of bail frequently comes up in conversations. But what people don’t realise is that there have been three changes to the bail laws in the past 18 months…

What is a Section 10? (Part 1)

There is one way in which even though you plead guilty to a criminal offence, you can actually avoid those consequences following from that plea of guilty.

What is a Section 10? (Part 2)

Here are some guidelines to the most important things that you need to think about that will determine whether or not you will get a Section 10.

What is a Section 10? (Part 3)

What the court will want to know is why the offence was committed. You need to have a think about what it is that led you to the behaviour that…

What is a Section 10? (Part 4)

Now let me go on to the last topic & that is perhaps for most people a very important topic and that is how Section 10s work together with criminal records.

How To Beat A Drink Driving Charge (Part 1)

There’s a common misconception that if you are charged with a drink driving offence, there is only 1 option: plead guilty. This is wrong, and here is why.

How To Beat A Drink Driving Charge (Part 2)

The 2 hour rule is simply states that the police have a 2 hour window between the time that you drive and the time that the breath analysis is conducted.