Possession and Intended Manufacture of Drugs

Senior Trial Advocate:  Manny Conditsis

Solicitor Assisting: Natasha Konic

A very difficult 2-month trial won against all odds!

A significant quantity of pseudoephedrine powder and precursors such as Hypophosphorous Acid was allegedly found on our client’s premises by police. Manny Conditsis and Natasha Konic spent many hours pouring over the police video of the execution of the search warrant and discovered several breaches of Police Best Practice in relation to the Standard Operating Procedures.

During the trial Police were strongly challenged as to their truthfulness and that they had in fact “planted” the drugs in our client’s home. The trial resulted in a ‘hung jury’, meaning the Jury could not unanimously agree as to the verdict and Manny persuaded the DPP to withdraw all charges.

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