Serious criminal charges against a minor dismissed

Manny Conditsis, Senior Trial Advocate and Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, and Francis Caesar Devine, Associate, achieved a phenomenal result for their client in a judge and jury trial at Gosford District Court last week.

The trial began on Monday last week in relation to a number of very serious criminal charges against a minor. If our client was found guilty of any of the allegations, he would have been sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, notwithstanding he had never before been in trouble with police.

After several hours of cross examination by Mr. Conditsis, in which he bluntly suggested to the complainant that her allegations were false, and that now was the time to “make things right”, the prosecution was abandoned by the Prosecutor.

In layman’s terms, this means that our client won the case without the need to even finish the trial and after an almost three-year ordeal since he was charged, our client is now able to get on with the rest of his life.

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