Guide to writing an effective reference

A good character reference is an important part of a client’s case and will help a lawyer to persuade the Court to extend as much leniency as possible to the individual on trial.

Download Our Guide to Writing an Effective Reference Template

The functions of an effective character reference are:

  • To show the Court that, despite having committed an offence the individual on trial is a person of generally good character.
  • Personalise the individual to the Court – so that they become more than just a number in a busy Court list.
  • Where possible, provide context around the circumstances which may have lead up to an individual coming the offence(s).
  • Show the Court that the individual is remorseful for having committed the offences and the impact that his (her) behaviour has had on the victim.

Download our Guide to Writing an Effective Reference Template as a basis to create a character reference.

If you have any questions about writing a reference, please feel free to contact Michal Mantaj on (02) 4324 5688 or via email

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