Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Senior Trial Advocate: Manny Conditsis

Solicitor Assisting: Natasha Konic

A young man was charged with dangerous driving causing the death of a motorcyclist, when the collision occurred with his car being on the wrong side of the road. If he had been convicted he would have gone to gaol for some years.

Manny Conditsis strongly cross examined and challenged the chief Crown witness, being a Traffic Accident Reconstruction expert, who opined that our client was at fault. Having had the benefit of knowing what the defence exert opined, Manny was able to discredit the finding of the Crown expert, after which Manny was able to persuade the very experienced Trial Judge to rule that the Crown’s expert witness was not permitted to give his intended evidence before the Jury. The Crown then conceded without the expert witness, it could not prove its case against our client.

The Trial Judge then directed the Jury to return a verdict of not guilty four our client and the young man was acquitted.

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