Dazed Stranger Found in House with Drugs

Senior Trial Advocate: Manny Conditsis

A bizarre case where our client was found dazed and confused in a stranger’s house, having a shower in the early hours of the morning. Can you imagine?

Not surprisingly our client was asked to leave the premises and he did so. The occupants then found the pills in a plastic resealable bag, together with is ID in the bathroom and called the police.

Accredited specialists, Manny Conditsis worked on this case and had to backtrack our client’s movements to the prior evening to have some understanding of what had unfolded. A significant number of the Jury appeared to accept Manny Conditsis’ submissions that our client’s beer at a hotel the night before had been spiked causing him to have acted in an uncharacteristic and weird manner.

Manny suggested to the jury that there were two alternative reasonable scenarios indicating our client’s innocence. The first was that the drugs likely belonged to the teenage occupant of the house. Alternatively, if the jury believed our client had brought the drugs into the house, that they may have been put into his pocket by people he had been with, as they all fled the scene of a car accident, to which police had been called.

The trial resulted in a hung jury and following persuasive submissions by Manny Conditsis, the DPP withdrew the charge of Supply.

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