Man Charged with Murder and Maliciously Wounding

Trial Advocate – Manny Conditsis

Man Charged with Murder and Maliciously Wound after wild brawl

Numerous Co-Accused faced a 5 month trial in the Supreme Court and whilst they were acquitted of murder they were all found guilty of manslaughter and are serving lengthy sentences of imprisonment.

Our client was charged with the murder of one alleged victim and maliciously wounding another. Manny Conditsis was able to get our client bail and later, tried to persuade the DPP that the Crown case was weak and that it should withdraw both charges. The DPP wouldn’t budge as DNA evidence of our client was found at the scene of the crime.

Manny successfully challenged the importance of the DNA evidence and we called Professor Brian McDonald, a renowned DNA expert to give evidence at the committal Hearing. Manny strongly cross examined the DNA expert witness relied upon by the Crown as well as the crime scene investigative police. The Magistrate agreed that the Crown case against our client was weak and dismissed both charges against our client. Manny pressed for an order for costs and a substantial amount was awarded in favour of our client!

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