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Traffic Offender’s Intervention Program

The Traffic Offender's Intervention Program (TOIP) is typically a pre-sentence course for people who have committed traffic offences. The Magistrate or Judge may refer you to the program or you can book ...
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Using the home safe rule to defend a drink driving charge

If you’re charged with drink driving, you may receive advice that the easiest thing to do is plead guilty. Depending on your prescribed concentration of alcohol or PCA, your driving ...
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How the two hour rule can help defend a drink driving charge

If you’re charged with a drink driving offence, you need to take it seriously. Acting quickly to get advice from an expert traffic lawyer could mean the difference between receiving ...
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What happens when you can’t agree on parenting arrangements?

The end of a relationship can be an emotionally draining time, especially when children are involved. Amid the upset and turmoil, a number of big questions need to be answered. ...
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Understanding Divorce In Australia

In Australia, Divorce is obtained by an Application to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. The Divorce only deals with the dissolution of the marriage. It does not deal with ...
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Is a Parenting Plan enough?

Separation and divorce is tough on families, especially children. Even when both parents want the best for their children, it can be difficult when emotions are running high and finances ...
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