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Re Lapalme; Daley v Leeton [2019] VSC 534

Ms Lapalme made a Will in 2004.  In that Will, she left the residue of her estate to “those grandchildren as shall survive me and attain the age of 18 ...
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What is a retail premises

Another Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (Tribunal) decision was recently handed down that widens the scope of what is a ‘retail premises’ under the Victorian Retail Leases Act 2003. In ...
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Nguyen v Nguyen [2019] NSWSC 131

This recent case is just one in a long line of many where it is essential that the parties put their intentions and obligations down in writing prior to purchasing ...
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Henley v Bone [2019] NSWSC 254

Following on from Nguyen v Nguyen, the Court had to revisit a situation between two family members where there was no agreement in writing as to who the beneficial owner ...
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A Timely Reminder About Statutory Demands

If your company has been served with a statutory demand, this should not be taken lightly. It would be a mistake to confuse this demand, which is a creature of ...
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Removing an executor

In Stegnjaic v Stegnjaic [2019][1], the late Mr Stevan Stegnjaic died on 23 October 2016. Mr Milorad Stegnjaic was appointed the sole executor of his late father’s estate. Probate of ...
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