Justin Timmer

Associate Director & Family Law Specialist

Justin practices exclusively in family law. He takes a compassionate approach to both parenting and property matters, understanding that separation can be difficult for everyone.

He is pragmatic and thinks outside the box and strives to obtain the best possible outcomes for clients.

Due to his previous experience in retail and commercial leasing law, personal insolvency law and corporate insolvency law, he is able to develop and advise in relation to corporate entities. This may include issues of insolvency that may be involved in a family law property matter.

His other areas of expertise are parenting matters involving allegations of domestic violence, family violence, drug abuse and alcohol abuse and will be able to advise you in relation to appropriate parenting arrangements, and assist you navigate what can be an extremely stressful and emotional time.

If you have recently separated or in the process of separating and are unsure about your rights, you can contact our office to make an appointment with Justin for an initial consultation to find out what your rights are, and how your matter is likely to progress.

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Director | Senior Trial Advocate | Accredited Specialist Criminal Law

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Senior Associate & Practice Group Leader | Wills, Estates, Conveyancing & Litigation