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Guide to writing an effective reference

A good character reference is an important part of a client's case and will help a lawyer to persuade the Court to extend as much leniency as possible to the ...
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Man Charged with Murder and Maliciously Wounding

Trial Advocate – Manny Conditsis Man Charged with Murder and Maliciously Wound after wild brawl Numerous Co-Accused faced a 5 month trial in the Supreme Court and whilst they were ...
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Dazed Stranger Found in House with Drugs

Trial Advocate – Manny Conditsis Dazed Stranger Found in House, Allegedly in Possession of Ecstasy Pills for Supply A bizarre case where our client was found dazed and confused in ...
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Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Trial Advocate – Manny Conditsis Solicitor – Natasha Konic A young man was charged with dangerous driving causing the death of a motorcyclist, when the collision occurred with his car ...
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Judges Not Out of Touch


For many years, there has been a perception amongst the community that Judges are out of touch with contemporary societal values when it comes to sentencing. The question however, is ...
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Criminal Law Matters: Issue 2

After many years representing people who are brought before courts in NSW, the events that bring people to court still surprise me. You may have heard of Strike Force Raptor, ...
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